I am an accredited Life Coach specialising in coaching creative people. See below for the different kinds of support I offer.


All these sessions include a pre-questionnaire to participants, and every workshop is tailored to the needs of those particular individuals. They also include an evaluation of the session and suggestions for future development.


For details of fees, or for further information email me
at info@cathygrindrod.co.uk


Are you satisfied with the time and attention you are giving your writing? What would writer paradise be for you? Does a lack of confidence, poor motivation or isolation hold you back? If so, you are not alone. Professional development planning for writers is a guided process to help you take stock, overcome obstacles, set new goals, and to explore your writing future.


Delivered one-to-one in one session of 2 ½ - 3 hours, or as a single workshop for up to 8 participants. Can be a useful prelude to mentoring, or stand alone.


Getting to Where You Want to Be
(Professional Development Planning)

Thank you for the terrific PDP session. I’ve been gaining momentum with my writing and I’m clearer now about the direction
I want to go.

-AF, Nottingham-



Would you like to meet with an experienced mentor for up to six sessions, min two hours, arranged to suit you, to discuss your writing and your current situation?

Mentoring is a guided process over a period of time, which can help a writer to find his/her own solutions to moving forward with writing and to overcoming obstacles and making the most of opportunities.
It can include critiquing of work and is tailor-made to the writer’s requirements. Delivered one-to-one over a period of six months to a year – usually five or six sessions.



Thanks for everything you have contributed to what I have been able to become and what I have been able to achieve.

-AF, Nottingham-

Would you like to receive an objective and detailed opinion on your work from an experienced writer,
and discuss the future development of your writing?

Delivered one to one, after a submission of 10 poems
or an agreed number of pages of memoir or non-fiction.


It was the best writing service I have ever received. It was open and honest, precise and succinct. Thank you. I valued your comments.

-MB, Nottingham-

Critiquing of Work

The Reluctant Writer-Performer

A practical half-day or day workshop delivered for any number of people from one to eight, which will focus on performance techniques, confidence, expression, projection, relaxation and building confidence while finding your speaking voice.

My confidence built due to the techniques you taught, and practising them in groups and pairs, in a lovely warm supportive environment. Thank you.

- PW. Chesterfield -