Fighting Talk

"This is a rare talent. Cathy Grindrod comprehends the voice of the obstinate child, the hostile teenager, the been-there-seen-that woman, the resentful disillusioned employee, with the voices of love for the helpless dead as well as the splendidly alive… She moves the reader at all sorts of levels."

U A Fanthorpe


"She has a winning way of convincing us that pity and bitterness are surprisingly close emotions in cogent, engaging writing."

Will Daunt, Envoi


"humour, fun, tenderness; a quiet understanding of the heartbreak at the heart of things… Cathy Grindrod has a remarkable skill for recapturing childhood which gives her work a special authenticity …immediate and springing with life. Many poets write on the subject of chidhood but I can’t think of anyone who does it better."

Julie Lumsden, Staple

Still Breathing

"This is a poet who uses simple language to convey a myriad of painful emotions."

Sue Butler, Sphinx


"This is genuinely a poet of feeling who questions her own responses and also other people's depths and
darker sides"

Second Light

Something the Heart Can’t Hold


"Poetry is what gets lost in translation, and there is a sense here of something being conveyed that is not actually contained in the words on paper …

There is exuberance and a love of language (and some of the more unorthodox things it can do) that make Cathy Grindrod a name to watch out for in the future"

Steve Leckie, Various Artists


"Cathy Grindrod explores the dark underside of life with great strength. Music and meaning are beautifully combined. A considerable talent."

Stella Stocker, Orbis


Laureate Lines

"Cathy has produced an outstanding body of work which is celebrated in this collection "

Cllr Bob Janes


We have just finished reading 'Laureate Lines' in our literature class where it has been a great hit!  Everyone spoke very highly of your work and really enjoyed the range of emotions and subjects.  They could relate to many of the situations you describe and felt you used words and images with great warmth and precision.  They loved the humorous poems and were intrigued by the sad/wistful ones like 'A Certain Way' and 'Falling'.  Many of them commented on the thoughtful publication of the book and wondered how much influence you had on colour/photos etc Thank you for being poet laureate and giving us such a lovely collection to study.

AG, Marple


I loved this book. I loved the varying styles - from a limerick inviting others to write limericks to an historical ballad about a Derbyshire man caught up in the Gunpowder Plot. There were poems about Bakewell Pudding (not that you knew that until the end), about well dressing, about the nail making heritage of Belper, the Carnegie funded library in Long Eaton and the dubious delights of public transport (I don't think Trent Barton buses commissioned that one...) The poetry had a light touch but was of very solid quality throughout.
I enjoyed the addition of a few poems written by workshop attenders and the Laureate's diary at the end.

Online Book Review


The Sky, Head On

Her skill at capturing intense emotions with a reflective, original voice, shines through this latest collection.

Aly Stoneman, Left Lion


This collection has an attractive line in narrative and
a consistent emotional intelligence.  Cathy Grindrod has a quiet individualism which colours her work with a distinctive identity.

Ian Caws, The South