Editor’s Prayer


Post, Mail, Telegraph, Courier,

Standard, Express - however it comes,

your Messenger from a grey world,

may it find you Independent,

stepping into your day a Leader, Pioneer.

May it always bring News,

with an Echo of the old,

root you as surely as Sun, Star, Mercury

continue their steady Review.

Your Journal, Chronicle,

your one true Record -

may it bring you the best of Times,

Mirror your world, and as you sleep,

turn, turn, stay true.

Observer, Guardian, Sentinel -

may it Herald your dawn.







Paper Caper


Drip catcher, hole patcher,

window edger, wobble wedger,

pipe warmer, china storer,

maché maker, granddad waker,


vagrant’s pleasure, desperate measure,

pet-house cleaner, glass gleamer,

bug ejector, head protector,

draught trapper, thigh slapper,


mirror shiner, hat liner,

parcel packer, carpet backer,

nuisance cuffer, shoe stuffer,

floor blotter, fly swatter,


chip wrapper, fill-a-gapper,

dipstick wiper, apple ripener,

windscreen saver, greeting waver,

peel taker, message maker,


dog guzunder, one-day wonder,

fire lighter, morning brightener,

hamster nester, poet tester,

reader needer, CLEAR LEADER.

Commissioned by Derbyshire County Council, Cultural and Community Services Department for the Derbyshire Literature Festival 2006.